The evoting process has become an urgent requirement because of the issues born after the pandemic. The online voting system not only solves the issue related to distant voting but also a requirement of urgent filling of the position required or for the passing of an important resolution.

Pollbag dominates in an intricate, high-security online voting system to remove the concern from your democratic election.

Let’s learn about the features of Pollbag that makes it your trusted online voting platform


Work on voting set-up and results declaration, lessen organization expenses and increase voter interest. Deal with your voting process with a simple to-utilize dashboard & incredible 24 hours support.


With more than 10 years of experience, Pollbag has conducted 50,000+ online elections for more than 1,000 fulfilled clients. Our adaptable and feature-rich framework can meet the most wanted election needs, including yours.


Your data is secure, protected, tamper-proof and backed up. We utilize the most elevated security guidelines and vote count check protocol. People can just cast a ballot once.

We'll assist you with running an effective election

Regardless of whether you are running a basic political election with a single voting form or a huge political election with many voting forms, we comprehend a lot is on the line and we'll assist you with succeeding, with our safe online voting framework.

•            Configure your political election precisely how you need it with our protected, adaptable, carefully designed and features rich online voting framework

•            Choose from an immense scope of features for your online democratic voting

•            Setup your political election with certainty utilizing our quality-guaranteed project management and testing process

•            Run nominations before a political election and afterwards chosen people are naturally moved to the political election voting form as candidates.

•            Notify your voters through email with a single tick connect for access to the voting form

•            Manage your elections and nominations with a simple to utilize Dashboard

•            Get results immediately through a URL and offer them to voters

•            Audit the votes with our protected vote check tool

•            Choose either Fully-Managed or Self-Managed administration

Take Away

Pollbag not only has shown its ability to run elections for various organizations but also has given desired results in such a short time. To make your voting procedure easy and secure contact us to know more about our services. Pollbag and its team of experts help you get your voting results instantly and accurately.