About Us

PollBag is a brand completely owned by Claim-bridge technologies pvt Ltd. Claim-bridge has been the pioneer in the IT space in offering the full gambit of IT services in CIRP process since its inception in 2018.

PollBag is a platform that focuses entirely on conducting elections and polls across nationwide associations/unions and in CIRP process in particular. The platform has been designed with the utmost security measure keeping in mind. Through our expertise in offering online voting services from the past 3 years, Pollbag is loaded with myriad features and control parameters making it one of the advanced online voting platforms in the industry.


Mission & Vision

We help agencies to define their new business objectives and then create the road map

“Customer-centric product and service”

“Helping individuals realizing their voting rights with ease of access and use”


Our Team

We are a team of young motivated professionals and proud ourselves in offering the best customer-centric service and platform. It’s been a roller coaster ride since inception, but we aim far ahead of our capabilities and our will and determination are what we ride on daily.