If you are a creditor involved in an insolvency or bankruptcy case under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) in India, you have a right to vote on the resolution plan of the entity. The resolution plan is a proposal that outlines how the entity will repay its debts, restructure its business, or liquidate its assets.

Voting on the resolution plan is a crucial step in the resolution process, as it determines the fate of the entity and your recovery. However, voting under the IBC can be challenging due to various factors, such as:

To overcome these challenges, you should consider using evoting as a convenient, secure, and transparent way to vote on the resolution plan. Evoting is the process of voting electronically, either online or through a dedicated device. Evoting has many advantages over traditional voting methods, such as:

How can you use evoting for IBC cases?

Evoting for IBC cases is regulated by the IBBI, which is the apex body for implementing the IBC. The IBBI has issued guidelines and regulations for evoting for IBC cases, which specify the following:

Evoting for IBC cases is a progressive and innovative way to resolve insolvency or bankruptcy cases in India. Evoting can help achieve the objectives of the IBC, such as maximizing asset value, promoting entrepreneurship, and ensuring timely completion. Evoting can also empower you to have a voice in the resolution process.

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