Regardless of whether it is a condo, HOA or POA, Pollbag gives major benefits to the proprietors, the board and the property administrators:

·       Completely viable with paper balloting. Offer online voting before them & conduct your meeting like before. No one can vote twice.

·       Stay away from challenges and clashes by hosting a nonpartisan third party running your election.

·       Expanded voter participation. Proprietors may helpfully cast a ballot over a longer period (a week or more) from any place. Proprietors who are sick, away, debilitated, occupied, or if not capable or ready to go to the meeting under any circumstance won't be disappointed.

·       Proprietors might cast a ballot in less time and secrecy. Diminished utilization of intermediaries & therefore decreased compulsion. The end-product is a more democratic election.

·       No counting! Online polling forms are consequently and promptly counted. Results are upheld by an unknown Voter Verified Audit Trail.

·       Utilize online voting over time for consultative mandates. Increment proprietor commitment and know what your proprietors truly need!

Online Election Perfection

Pollbag is an electronic internet voting framework that will assist you with dealing with your decisions effectively and safely. Have a go at projecting a voting form in our demo or sign up to run a free test vote.

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About Pollbag

More than 4000 associations depend on Pollbag for their election needs. Our solid conventions, usability and adaptable arrangements change decisions across enterprises. Pollbag not only assures you but also proves to you its capacity and ability to serve its clients effectively and efficiently.

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