Evoting for Shareholders Voting

Youth is the upcoming administration of the nation and the administration needs a proper leader to rule. Election helps the administration in finding the best fit for their organization as a leader. The procedure of becoming a leader starts from student life.

There are over 35,000 universities in India and the majority of the schools have some sort of political election or leader determination. Delhi University has exceptionally included and commended the political election system. Delhi University has also given lots of leaders to our country. Student election incorporates are:

  • Department election
  • Hostel Election
  • College election
  • Class Representative election
  • Society/Interest group election
  • University election

Every year most of the colleges and universities held one student election. Apart from student elections, we have many universities in India like Delhi University that have one teacher association election like DUTA (Delhi University Teachers Association).

Apart from traditional representative election, PollBag platform can also be utilized in making a different democratic decision among students. These decisions are based on faculty ratings, menu decisions, awards & contests, hostel food, etc.

Many schools likewise have decisions explicitly for School head boys and head girls, or class representatives. In India, we have over 13 lakh schools both including government and private. Many schools additionally have parent-teacher associations (PTA) where again agents are chosen by casting a ballot. As most guardians think that it’s hard to go to PTA meetings, online voting is an incredible answer to resolve mains issues.

Take Away

PollBag online voting platform has come up with mobile technology which can be easily accessible by any of its user from anywhere. Students can easily opt for evoting for student election with PollBag.