E-voting for Cooperative Housing Societies

Let’s learn about various cooperative housing societies and the use of eVoting for cooperative housing societies.

India is a country of more than 10 lakhs Cooperative Housing Societies. It is alluded to by several names including Cooperative Housing Societies (CHS)/Association of Residents (AOR)/Association of Homeowners (AOH)/Apartment proprietors Association (AOA)/Housing Society/Resident's Welfare Association (RWA). There may be little distinction between the consolidation design of these cooperative housing societies still it is practically the same. These cooperative housing societies are overseen by individuals who are democratically chosen at customary spans. Every general public should hold its election every 1-3 years relying upon the state and the overseeing Cooperative Society Act.

Difficulties faced by Societies

The Cooperative Housing Societies face many difficulties in its administration which include:

  • Lack of full-time individuals in administration council
  • Limited assets of the general public & fluctuating monetary limit of individuals to contribute
  • Difference of assessment & infighting among individuals
  • Vested interests attempting to control the administration advisory group
  • Litigation on conflicts related title & other aspects with members, builders & third parties

Features rich online voting platform

PollBag online voting platform is very features rich and can change according to the necessities of the general public.

Various Cooperative Housing Societies have diverse election rules for instance tower wise voting, deciding on board, explicit post-election or full advisory group election. PollBag eVoting software has answers for all sorts of elections.

Most housing societies discover these components extremely helpful:

  • Secret voting
  • Audit Trail
  • Voter receipt
  • Result post-survey close
  • Team election
  • Multiple posts in a single survey
  • Candidate picture on the polling form

Security features include:

  • End to end encryption
  • OTP based confirmation
  • Two-factor confirmation
  • IP address, period of casting vote.

The PollBag online voting platform is very easy to understand. Easy to use features include:

  • OTP based login
  • Individual customized invite & updates
  • Voting from any place within a minute
  • Automatically counted results made available in pdf and excel format


PollBag eVoting software is extremely cost-savvy. The charges begin from Rs. 10,000 just for up to 200 electors, in addition to Rs. 25 for every elector over 200 electors. You can also contact the PollBag group at for additional details.