Evoting for Political Elections

India is a democratic republic likewise there are a total of 123 democratic republics in the world. A total of 123 democratic nations means to have regular elections in these nations to ensure their citizens have a right to choose their leaders.

Indian political election or Lok Sabha election is conducted at every 5 years of interval and comprises 543 unique elections. These 543 Members of Parliament (MPs) who are chosen by residents through direct voting, select their leader who turns into the Prime Minister (PM) of the Country.

Political voting doesn't simply mean the political election. The majority of the nations conduct state & local elections as well. For instance: India has 29 states and 7 UTs. At regular intervals of 5 years, one of the states in the nation goes for political election. In state elections residents vote to choose their MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) and all the MLA of a specific state election their leader or the Chief Minister (CM) of the state. In all the states, overall, 4120 MLAs are chosen by residents in India. Which implies 4120 separate elections.

Evoting for Municipal Election

Evoting for the municipal election is the best option when there are several rounds for different levels of administrative elections. This evoting for municipal election helps save a lot of time and money of the government and indirectly of the citizens. Let’s have a look at various forms of elections prevailing in India.

Aside from the state political election, each state has its own Election Commission which conducts local body elections which comprises Nagar Nigam (Municipal Corporation), Nagar Parishad (Municipality), Nagar Panchayat & Gram Panchayat. These names differ depending on the size of the city, town or village. There are over 24 Lakh village panchayats in India. In panchayat, there are around 30 lakh delegates which imply 30 lakh panchayat elections at regular intervals of 5 years.

In the metropolitan region – Nagar Panchayat and Municipal elections are additionally all around battled. In Maharashtra alone, elections were held for 4750 distinct seats across 192 metropolitan committees and 20 Nagar Panchayat. Aside from these, there are Municipal partnerships like BMC (Bombay Municipal Corporation) which alone has 227 seats. This year's direct mayor election has additionally been presented in a couple of urban areas. In a whole way across India in metropolitan bodies around 1 lakh elections are held every 5 years

Evoting for Indirect Elections

Aside from these immediate elections where the residents vote directly, there are numerous indirect elections also. There are around 250 seats in the Rajya Sabha, which is the upper house in the Indian Parliament. Likewise, many states have an upper house called the Vidhan Parishad, where around 500 individuals are chosen. Major indirect elections additionally incorporate the President of India & VP of India election which has an extremely complex weightage framework and Single Transferable Vote (STV) arrangement of voting.

Online voting for Indirect Elections is the best cost-effective and efficient alternative. The implementation of evoting for indirect election will help the election committee to hold the elections without any delay and hustle.

Amount spent on the physical voting election in comparison to online voting election

India spends over $ 5 Billion (Rs. 30,000 crores) for the election of 543 Lok Sabha individuals every 5 years. The comparative sum is spent in the State election also. Local body elections again have a comparable budget. This year alone, the Election Commission of India spent Rs. 15,400 crores to get new EVM machines and VVPAT machines. Each state election commission acquires its EVM machines for local body elections.

The online voting system for political elections is the best option for reducing the cost consumption in such regular elections held at a regular interval of time.

Take Away

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